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All-On-4 or more Service - Work with a laboratory that has restored hundreds of cases! When you need support planning and restoring All-On-4 cases, trust Horizon Team. We work with specialists and their referring dentists with preplanning, provisional and final restorations , as well as chairside assistance the day of surgery . Our comprehensive service includes the provisional denture, the definitive hybrid prosthesis, custom trays, models, special soft-tissue model, articulation, standard and processed bite rim, fit verification jig, set-ups, resets, acrylic finish, one full set of premium teeth, one set of economy teeth, protective night guard, final screws for the bar, analogs. Price excludes in-office technician labor, temporary cylinders , abutments,. Call us to scheduled chairside assistance.
The all-on-four technique allows the patient to receive a full fixed screw-retained bridge on as few as four dental implants, often with same day delivery. By taking advantage of the dense bone that remains in the anterior section of the arch and by placing two posteriors on an angle to avoid the sinus cavities in the upper and the nerve in the lower, this procedure can eliminate the need for bone grafting in many cases. This process makes it possible for patients to receive a non-removable bridge placed the same day as surgery.